Decades of experience in the field of processing with chips removal have brought Torneria Serra to range from bar machining, to remachining lathe and transfer, until the precision grinding.

The company has a large machine park in constant growth and continuous evolution, thanks to which different typologies of metals can be machined.

Processes automation and cutting-edge technologies allow Torneria Serra to be a reference point of the sector.

Bar machining

Automatic Turning

About 70 automatic, multi-spindle turning machines for series production of high precision parts, can machine bars or tubes with a capacity from 5mm diameter to 100mm.
Torneria Serra relies on its machining mostly on GILDEMEISTER, MORI SAY, PITTLER, WICKMAN lathing centers. In order to increase the already high productivity of such machinery, the lathers have been equipped with automatic bar loaders. These machines are particularly suitable for high series production volumes of average complexity.

CNC turning and milling

Swiss-type sliding head lathes, fixed head turning and milling machines and multi- spindle CNC lathes are particularly suitable for the production of small and medium- sized series of precision complex parts.
The flexibility of these machines enables us to work every type of material adapting to their properties.


For the processing of cold forged and turned semi-finished parts, the company is equipped with several multi-spindle finishing lathes and transfer machines with vertical and horizontal axis for drilling, threading and milling operations. Over the years the company has extended the number of machineries with rolling machines with 2 and 3 dies for threading, centerless grinding for the machining of external diameters, double disc face grinding machines to grind surfaces, rack gear hobbing machine for gear teeth on crankshaft and frontal CNC lathes for secondary machining processes on heat-treated parts.
All these machines are equipped with automatic loading systems and most of them are developed and realized internally.


Torneria Serra has washing machines suitable for obtaining different levels of cleaning and degreasing depending on the needs, and 3 lines of vibro-finishing treatment proper to deburring.

Thanks to dedicated chips treatment systems, the company recovers and filters carefully (up to 3μm) the refrigeration oils to reuse them in the production cycle.

Automatic Selection

The company uses automatic selection systems (in process or not) able to control every single workpiece produced to identify and discard those not corresponding to the standards, and to ensure the quality control on 100% of the production. Some of these systems are developed and realized internally using vision systems, laser gauges and LVDT probes.